Venom History


In 2010, two FC Sonora teams, Inferno and El Sol, decided to combine efforts and try a developmental/competitive approach to their age group. One team, Inferno Red, was the competitive team, and the other, Inferno Black, was the developmental team. As players progressed, they were supposed to move up. After several coaching changes for the black team in the 2010/11 season, the girls decided not to participate in the program any longer, and to be their own team.   

The start of the 2011/12 season saw a new head coach, Steven Jackson, and the beginning of a different style of play. There were players from five different teams, and three different age groups that made up the new Inferno Black. The first half of the season had its share of growing pains, with no wins. The second half was an entirely different story. The team finished the last four tournaments with a first, two seconds and one third place finish!

As it goes at this age level, the team lost numerous players and entered the 2012/13 season with only seven players! Steven decided to move to the ’98 boys team, so Jessica McDorman, a club trainer, stepped up to take over the head coaching duties. We put eleven new players in the team and continued teaching the possession style to the girls. Since this was an entirely new team, the girls chose between two new names for the team. It was either Desert Storm or Venom and Venom won! The first half was a little tight at times, but the new style was coming around. The team finished first in the PCJSL fall season in the girls U16 Gold bracket. They also finished as runner up in the 2012 Socctoberfest after losing the championship in PK’s. After the high school break, we played the Pima Cup and lost again in the medal round on PK’s. In the Spring Season of PCJSL, we decided to play U19 and went through undefeated. We also won the 2013 Yavapai Cup girls U16 bracket! The final tournament of the season was the Joy Fawcett Classic out in Mission Viejo, CA. The team was competitive in Southern California, but finshed fourth. This was truly an outstanding season!

The 2013/14 season sees us with some minor changes. We have another coaching change, due to Jess getting a new job. In change, comes opportunity though! Our new coach is Joe Embacher, who brings a similar style of play that is much more attacking. We lost a few players, but gained a few older players, and played U18 Chipotle State League! We finished one point out of second in our first state league season. We only had the entire roster for the final three games, but were competitive in the others. We have qualified for, and will apply to play state league again next season. In the second half,we played in PCJSL, in a bracket with two other state league teams, one team that qualified for state league, and the third place PCJSL team. We finished the U19 Gold season in first place, winning all eight matches, scoring 24 goals and only conceding two. It was by far, the very best season the team has ever had. The growth in Joe's system was amazing! We also had five seniors that will go on to play in college next year! Good luck girls! Looking forward to the 2014/15 season, Joe will be staying to coach and we will add a few to a very solid team. We will start the season in La Jolla, CA at the Attack Summer Classic! 

The 2014/15 season opened in La Jolla, CA with the Attack Summer Classic. After adding at least seven new players for the third year in a row, we were stoked to be able to compete with some very good teams in Southern California. Entering the State  League season, we picked up a few injuries and played most of the season short handed. We did not finish as high as we hoped. Towards the end of the season, we finally started getting everyone back and finished strong, winning Socctoberfest and our final State league game. After the high school season, four of the seniors decided to call it a career and move on. We did add two players and the excitement for the future was very high! The team has never been more talented! After starting the local league season, the team went to the Vegas Players Showcase and did brilliantly against all SoCal teams! It was very evident that the team was really starting to come together. We finished the PCJSL season and played in the Yavapai Cup with two other state league teams, and won every game, scoring an average of over four goals a game! We finished the season in San Diego at the FC Sol Invitational and won the Division 1 U18 bracket! With 16 players returning, we will not suffer the growing pains at the beginning of the season that we have experienced the last three years, and expect to do well from the start! Our expectations are very high, with the main goal being to finish higher than we ever have in state league and finishing as high as possible in state cup!  We will have changed our name to 98/99 Orange.

We had very high hopes in 2015/16! With 16 returning players, this would be the first season where there would be no growing pains. We started out in SoCal playing in the United Cup on Labor Day weekend. This tournament proved to be very costly! We lost five starters after two games, one wouldn't return until late April, three returned in February and one came back at the end of October. Even with the loss of five key players, we were competitive in State League! A tough last game saw us drop from second to fifth, but the bench got a lot of playing time. We played in the TSA tourney and lost another starter and decided not to play any more tournaments in the first half. After the high school break, we played in the Pima Cup and won, then played in the Desert Cup showcase as preparation for State Cup! In State Cup, we played the then ranked numbers 2, 3 and 5 teams in Arizona! We advanced to the quarter finals before eventually losing a tough game that we should have won. The tournament gave us our focus and vision for the 2016/17 season! We proved that we can play with some very high level teams and we want to challenge ourselves on a regular basis. We will apply for AZ Premier League in the next season! We will also have a new coach! After three very successful years, Joe has moved on and Roberto Franzone will now take the reigns. The 2016/17 season will be the best Venom has ever had!

The 2016/17 season started off quite good! We went to California and played in the San Clemente Surf Summer Classic and took second. We then played in the TSA Striker's Cup and took second again! We then finished first in the Patriot's Cup. We did very well in State League taking second, but were the only team not to lose a game. In the second half of the season, we entered three tournaments. The first was the Las Vegas Player's Showcase. We had an extremely good tournament! We beat two teams from Cal North that were ranked in the top 15, and drew with the #19 team from Cal North. Our only loss was to a very good Cal South team that won the bracket. We finished tied for second in our group which is great for our little club! We then came back and played in the CDO Challenge Cup. Although we played possibly the worst we have in two years, we managed to win the tournament. Our last tournament was the AZ State Championships. Unfortunately, we had so many injuries that we did not perform well and Venom as a team came to an end. It was not the way we all saw it ending! It is my opinion, that had we been healthy, we would have been playing in the championship game!

I want to say thank you to every coach, player and parent that has been associated with Venom and Inferno over the years! For me, the thing that makes it fun is the relationships and the people. At the end of the day, I hope everyone can take positive memories with them of their time playing on our team! Best of luck to all of you as you chase your dreams in the future!